The final satellite launch in the SES satellite replacement programme is now scheduled for June this year. Astra 2G will be nearly identical to Astra 2E and 2F, now in service.
When 2G goes into service, channels will be moved from Astra 2A, which is now near the end of its planned life. The new satellite will have a UK narrow beam with much the same reception pattern as 2E and 2F.
It looks as though the BBC is waiting for the extra capacity 2G will bring to add more regional HD services to BBC One HD.
The addition of frequencies from this summer may have an effect on reception in fringe areas, where strong channels are next to weak ones. Poor quality LNBs have problems sorting out wanted signals from unwanted ones when this happens, an effect known as cross-channel interference. Channels are broadcast in alternate polarities to try to minimise this effect.
The closure of Astra 2A and the move to Astra 2G is likely to spell the end of all Sky reception in Cyprus.