Akado sale still distant prospect

July 1, 2013 09.27 Info-Sat

The Russian cable operator Akado is now estimated to be worth around $700-830 million (€538-638 million), rather than the $1.2 billion suggested three years ago.
Furthermore, reports Kommersant, the current figure includes debts totaling $390 million.
Akado has been on the market for three years, during which time it has attracted interest from a number of parties, with the main stumbling block being price.
Svyazinvest, for instance, assessed its value as $1.2 billion in 2010, while MegaFon suggested a figure of $900 million the following year.
More recently, MTS, Transtelekom and ER Telecom have showed interest in Akado.
Akado is the leading provider of pay-TV services in Moscow and the third leading provider of internet access, with market shares of 34% and 20% respectively.
It is currently owned by Renova (67%) and Yuri Pripachkin (33%).