Eutelsat 3C with new programs

French satellite operator Eutelsat Communicaitons gradually develops its new orbital position 3 ° E in Europe and the Middle East. In May acquired satellite Eutelsat 3C new customers - public ERT (Greece) and private 2M (Morocco).

A total of 11 TV stations were added, of which 5 are broadcast FTA.

ERT are placed two mini packets after 4 TV programs and many radio stations. The first multiplex contains encrypted channels ET1, ET3, Net and ERT HD. And the next station Vouli, BBC World News, Deutsche Welle TV and PIK TV. 2M broadcaster launched its mini packet containing 3 TV channels and a radio program.

Packets can be received without problems in Central Europe. To receive the necessary HD set top boxes. Multiplex does work in DVB-S2.

specifications - ERT:

* Eutelsat 3C (3 ° E) freq. 12.523 GHz, pol. V, SR 11443, FEC 3/5, DVB-S2/8PSK Voula, BBC World News, Deutsche Welle TV, PIK (all FTA)

* Eutelsat 3C (3 ° E) freq. 12.587 GHz, pol. V, SR 11443, FEC 3/5, DVB-S2/8PSK: NET, ET1, ET3, ERT HD (all coding), radio programs ERA.NET, ERA 2, 3 ERA, ERA Sport, KOSMOS (all FTA)

specifications - 2M:

* Eutelsat 3C (3 ° E) freq. 12.703 GHz, pol. V, SR 4444, FEC 5/6, DVB-S2/8PSK: National 2M, 2M MENA (both BISS), 2M Monde (FTA), Radio 2M (FTA)